About Therapy

What is Therapy?

Therapy is a safe space to understand who and where you are in life, explore who and where you want to be, and figure out how to get there. It is time dedicated to you focusing solely on you in a very intentional way, with an experienced teammate. It’s a place where you can figure things out while being supported and helped by an empathic, nonjudgmental professional partner; someone who has experience with what you’re going through, has a fresh perspective, and is compassionate while being unencumbered by intense emotions or personal investment.

What is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most empirically-validated form of psychotherapy. This means it has been studied the most and been shown to be an extremely effective treatment for a majority of concerns that bring people to therapy. Brain imaging shows that CBT changes your brain structurally. In CBT the goal is to increase awareness, insights, and skills, and then use them to develop the life we want. The idea is that what we believe deep down, and what we think throughout the day, and how we feel, and what we do are all interconnected. We need to be aware of these things, understand what we can change, figure out how to make those changes, and then follow through. And what we can't change we need to learn to accept. Change and acceptance can be hard – if they weren’t, you’d have already done it! Most of us need a little help and support at some point in our lives. The goal is to find a professional who can provide effective therapy.


A synergistic relationship is one where the combined efforts of two or more people result in something that is greater than the sum of each person working alone.

That's what you should expect from effective therapy. It's an investment on everybody's part - a mutual process of wholehearted and compassionate curiosity, interactive learning, and effective brainstorming. It's a partnership, with each person bringing their strengths to the table. This can only happen in a space of trust, safety, and unconditional positive regard. Our work together is to figure out what you want and then move you toward it. As a cognitive-behavioral therapist I believe what is within our control is what we think and do. Gaining more control over that affects how we feel, what we believe, and our relationship with the world around us. The development of insights and skills is what we're after in each session and we do this through your examples, thus addressing content (the what) and process (the how) at the same time.

I have a direct and interactive style that, when used with compassion, curiosity, and experience, helps you make the most of your time in session. And since meaningful and lasting change happens between sessions, I help you use at home what we've discussed in session so it becomes a natural part of your daily functioning rather than remaining a theoretical concept.

The Leaf Logo

The green leaf shape symbolizes healthy growth.

The pause sign inside is a reminder to stop everything for a moment so we can think and then act with intention. Taking a pause is the critical first step to directing this situation or perhaps our entire life in a chosen direction. Auto-pilot and knee-jerk is what got us here, to this place we want to change. Change and growth require trying something new and then getting good at it - neither of which happen automatically. What we do different might be a thought or an action. It might take a second or longer. It might involve another person or not.

But it will always be intentional, and it will always be moving us toward our best self and a life we love.